Psychology, Humanism and the Battle of the Gods |

TBC Staff

Psychology, Humanism and the Battle of the Gods [Excerpts]

What opens the “world of the unconscious?” Most often “New Age” meditation is the means. This spiritual formula for self-awareness has even found its way into some popular programs in schools across America, and this is not on accident. Back in 1978, Jack Canfield, New Age promoter and educational consultant, put it this way,

“In a growing number of classrooms throughout the world, education is beginning to move into a new dimension. More and more teachers are exposing children to ways of contacting their inner wisdom and their higher selves... New Age education has arrived....” (Jack Canfield and Paula Klimek, "Education for a New Age," New Age, Feb. 1978, p. 27).

Canfield’s words have born fruit. For instance, one mother named Nancy reported that while driving her children to school one morning, she noticed her daughter Kim was unusually quiet as her brother picked on her. Kim’s eyes were closed, and Nancy was alarmed that Kim didn’t respond when she called her name. Nancy stopped the car and gently shook her daughter to arouse her from a trance-like state. Kim responded, "Don’t worry Mommy, I was relaxing, painting my mind picture and was with my friend, Pumsy." Nancy asked where she learned this, and the second grader answered, "From school” ( As it turns out, part of this school’s guidance counseling curriculum, "Pumsy: In Pursuit of Excellence," (Quoted in "Public Education Or Pagan Indoctrination? A Report on New Age Influence in the Schools," Branch, CRI, is used in an estimated 40 percent of schools across America.

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