Psychology vs. Sanctification |

TBC Staff

The very fact that God’s ways are higher than our ways has important implications in both salvation (justification) and Christian growth (sanctification). God’s plan of salvation is an example of how His ways are higher and therefore different from man’s ways. His plan was the sacrifice of His only begotten Son, which is quite beyond the imagination and comprehension of the human mind. Human wisdom relies on self-improvement, salvation by works, or some other such human endeavor. God’s ways are also higher and different regarding how Christians are to think, speak, and act; how they are to relate to one another; and how they are to handle problems of living.

Increasingly during the past 50 years, Christian sanctification has been thwarted through psychological counseling theories and techniques. Mistakenly supposing that psychotherapy (counseling psychology) is science and that its findings concerning the human condition are true, Christian leaders, pastors, teachers, and authors have embraced this "enlightened" means of helping Christians deal with problems of living and learn how to become better marriage partners and parents. Gleaning from the wisdom of men regarding the hidden psyche, Christians have sought to improve their lot in ways that are lower than God’s ways with ideas that often conflict with or undermine the revelation of God’s Word given in Scripture.

--Dr. Martin Bobgan