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TBC Staff

The concept of evolution touted in textbooks, then, is based on phantoms and figments of the imagination, not on fossils and the facts of science. Stephen Gould and Niles Eldredge put it this way: "Phyletic gradualism [gradual evolution] . . . was never ‘seen’ in the rocks." Evolution was never seen in the rocks! Evolution is not a logical inference from scientific observations, because the observations were contrary to the theory right from the start, even as Darwin said.

If it wasn’t based on evidence or logic, then, where did the concept of evolution come from? Gould and Eldredge supply the answer: "It [gradual evolution] expressed the cultural and political biases of 19th century liberalism." That’s what has been passed off in our school systems for 100 years as the "fact of evolution" -- "the cultural and political biases of 19th century liberalism" - Gould, Stephen Jay and Niles Eldredge. "Punctuated Equilibria: the Tempo and Mode of Evolution Reconsidered." Paleobiology, June/July 1977.