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'Queer Kids Stuff' Videos Indoctrinate Preschoolers

A new video series is aimed at indoctrinating preschoolers with the LGBT message - a strategy that one pro-family activist says is far from new.

The series, titled "Queer Kids Stuff" teaches preschoolers what the terms "gay," "bisexual" and "transgender" mean in an attempt to normalize the LGBT lifestyle with youth at an early age - a tactic that has repeatedly been used over the years to influence impressionable children. Advocates of homosexual behavior admit that they are trying to get to the youngsters before they hear anything negative about homosexuality.

MassResistance founder and director Brian Camenker expresses concern that homosexual activists are successfully manipulating youth at an extremely influential age.

"It's painful to watch what they do because these are such young kids,” Camenker shared, according to Fox News. “And they are using such very sophisticated propaganda techniques on these innocent kids - who are very vulnerable - to get them to believe all this stuff."

He says conservatives and Christians tend to underestimate just how treacherous the promoters of these tactics are.

"Evil, I think, is not too strong a word because anybody that would do this with kids - particularly without parents’ knowledge or permission - but just anybody that would do that to them there's just something wrong … something very, very wrong," Camenker contends.

Even though no preschool programs have indicated yet that they will utilize this “queer” series, Camenker says that it will very difficult to determine when they actually do.

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