Question: Are amillennialists blasphemers? |

TBC Staff

Question: Jesus said, “I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews and are not but are the congregation of Satan” (Rv 2:9; 3:9) Those who believe in amillennialism say that the church is the “New Israel.” Wouldn’t that make them blasphemers? 

Response: It certainly makes them deceived and promoters of error contrary to the Word of God. “Blasphemy” is transliterated from the Greek root word blasphem, which sometimes in The New Testament is used for strong insults made against other people (Mk 15:29; Acts:13:45; Eph:4:31; 1 Pt 4:4). On occasion, it sometimes is used for unjust accusations (Rom:3:8). More often it is used to identify insults against God (Rv 13:6 or 16:9). Even if amillennialists would grant that believing that the “Church is the New Israel” may be in error, they might point out that they are not speaking against God. Nevertheless, they very clearly could be seen as promoting error contrary to the revealed Word of God.

Blasphemy in the Old Testament is demonstrated by passages such as Leviticus:24:10-16, which in turn is defined by the command of Exodus:22:28. It states, “Thou shalt not revile God, nor curse the ruler of thy people.” Punishment for such blasphemy was death. This ultimate punishment was demanded because to revile God (or those appointed by Him) was an assault upon the integrity and holiness of God himself. 

According to Exodus 22, “to revile God” [or those appointed by Him] was an assault upon the integrity and holiness of God himself.” This may also apply to those denying God’s plans towards Israel, whom He has certainly appointed to fulfill the role given to them.