Question: Are some people born straight and others gay? |

TBC Staff

Question: Are some people born straight and others gay?

Response: Although the new Catechism of the Catholic Church condemns homosexuality as “grave depravity…contrary to the natural law…and Sacred Scripture,” it also says that its “psychological genesis remains largely unexplained,” thereby implying that homosexuality is not a sin but a psychological problem requiring a psychological solution. Denying moral accountability, the Catholic Church states that homosexuals do not “choose their homosexual condition…[and] must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity.” Thus the implication that “people are born gay.”

That no one is born a homosexual (or transgender) can be easily proved. If that were the case, then God “must have made them that way.” Therefore, as many homosexuals insist, homosexuality would not be sin but perfectly natural.

This view must be false, for (as the Catechism itself admits) the Bible condemns homosexuality as an abominable sin: “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind…both of them…shall surely be put to death” (Leviticus:18:22; 20:13). How could God be so opposed to homosexuality if He created the genes that caused it?

Nor is the condemnation of homosexuality only for Jews under the Old Covenant. It is restated to Christians in the New Testament. Romans:1:24-32 says that homosexuals and lesbians “dishonor their own bodies between themselves” (v. 24) and engage in “vile affections,” which are “against nature.” Even those who reject the Bible and believe in evolution must come to the same conclusion. If evolution were true, being “born homosexual” might possibly occur, but it would require a specific foul-up in the DNA mechanism and would be extremely rare. That DNA abnormalities of the precise nature to cause homosexuality could repeatedly occur by chance in millions of people of every generation all over the world is preposterous! Evolution would quickly eliminate homosexuality since it works against survival of the race (homosexuals/lesbians don’t reproduce).

Thus in the secular world, homosexuality has always been called a “crime against nature.” Those who engage in homosexuality do so out of choice against both their genes and conscience and can stop by choice as well. That homosexuals now have a favored status, wield great power, and have politicians catering to them to get their votes can only destroy a society.

Homosexuality is a choice and not something in the genes; this can be seen in the fact that its prevalence among Catholic clergy is at least 10 times greater than in the general populace. Obviously, chance cosmic rays didn’t zero in on Catholic priests and nuns to make them homosexuals! The cause is the unnatural and unbiblical rule of celibacy, forbidding normal sexual relations provided by marriage, combined with being cloistered together with those of the same sex.

In spite of the widespread sexual abuse of minors by so many Catholic priests, a scandal that has rocked the Church in recent years, the pope and Church hierarchy are determined to retain the rule of celibacy. Yet many priests, bishops, and even popes openly had lovers in the early years of the Church. Some popes proudly presided over the marriages of their children in Saint Peter’s in Rome. The rule of celibacy was enforced later to prevent the wealth that priests and especially bishops and popes accumulated from being bequeathed to heirs and thus leaving the Church.

Homosexuality is a sin that results from yielding to temptation. The likelihood is heightened where circumstances prevent normal sexual relationships and is further compounded when conscience is dulled by the lie that homosexuality is natural and normal to some people. That pernicious lie is promoted through movies, videos, music, and the media in general and is taught in public schools under government sponsorship. The approximately 50 percent reduction in life expectancy of homosexuals, transgenders, and lesbians, along with the spread of AIDS and other STDs should be sufficient to make this practice abhorrent to all.