Question: Does God put the United States presidents in power? |

TBC Staff

Question: Some ministries and Christian leaders have said that it isn’t the American people but God who put all the US presidents and vice-presidents in power and that God is in control of everything. Is that really true?

Response: God is in control of His universe and every aspect of it to the extent that nothing can happen that He does not allow. He is not, however, the active cause behind all that happens. If that were the case, we would have to blame God for all evil. The idea that it is God’s perfect will for each ruler in power to be there is a misunderstanding of Romans 13: “For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.”

Paul is teaching that without God there would be no purpose for life, no order, and thus no basis for authority; and that God has ordained that just as there is order in the natural world, so there must be among men. Therefore, each ruler “is the minister of God for good.” As God’s representatives, rulers are supposed to minister God’s laws in righteousness. Actually, very few do.

God no more specifically chose Clinton, Gore, Bush, [Obama, or Trump, updated] to rule than He did Hitler. He did, however, ordain that there should be rulers, and that they should be His ministers of righteousness. Since Clinton and Gore advocated rebellion against God in their acceptance of homosexuality, the murder of babies in the womb, and the worship of creation instead of the Creator, they hardly represent God. And, like all rulers, they will be held accountable by Him. Far from being God’s choice, as some claim, Clinton and Gore were the choice of tens of millions of Americans—in actual fact, a minority of the American people, something that many people choose to ignore. One way or another, however, our country is getting what it wants and it will reap what it is sowing. Let no one blame God!