Question: Should Christians pay income tax? |

TBC Staff

Question: Please comment on the payment of income taxes and turning our country back to God’s law, the “common” law. I have studied law and believe that “common law” was originally God’s law.

Response: I, too [Dave], have studied law and have never interpreted common law as God’s law, although it does rely heavily upon conscience. My understanding is that we are to preach the gospel of God’s grace and lead people to a saving knowledge of Christ rather than attempt to bring them under the law. Sadly, it’s a hopeless task to try to reform America, nor do I believe that task was ever given to Christians. As for paying income tax, Christ himself told them to “render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s,” and gave the example of having Peter gather the fish with a coin in its mouth and using that coin to pay tax to the government for Peter and for Himself. Romans 13 states that we are to be subject to those in authority and we are to pay custom to whom custom is due. Therefore, I do not understand from the Word of God any basis for refusing to pay income tax. 

The nonpayment might be justified due to the evil purposes for which that money is used, but tax money was also used for evil purposes in Christ’s and Peter’s time, and there is given no justification for withholding it on that basis. We must make up our own minds. One day we will give an account to God.