Question: Why did you lump Christianity, Judaism, and Islam together in your book? |

TBC Staff

Question: In your book, America, the Sorcerer’s New Apprentice (subtitled The Rise of the New Shamanism), you lumped all three of the world’s major religions together: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. But they are not the same; the followers of Islam do not even worship the same God! How can you be so careless?

Response: We appreciate the concern you express, but we think it is based upon a superficial reading or misunderstanding. You say that we lump together under one heading Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, as all apparent believers in the Bible and the God of Israel (and his prohibitions against the occult). We are not aware that we did this; if you disagree, please give us page numbers where it occurred.

We took great care not to cause such confusion, but at the same time, we wanted to appeal to the followers of Islam and Judaism and not anger and chase them away in the early pages. America was written specifically for the non-Christian, so you have to understand it from that standpoint. For example, on page 167, we say: “The Old Testament, claimed as their Holy Scriptures by Jews, Muslims, and Christians….” That is not lumping the three religions together or saying that Jews and Muslims are Christian believers, as you say we did. It only says that they claim to follow the Old Testament. Is that not true?

We want them to look at what they claim as their scriptures instead of thinking of opposition to the occult as a purely Christian idea. Isn’t that wise? It is not until the last chapter that we begin to present the gospel and make vital distinctions. At page 282, we wrote, “Why is Christianity singled out as the enemy, when we have noted all along that the Bible [i.e., Old Testament] of Jews, Muslims, and Christians opposes the pantheistic/naturalistic worldview? The answer no doubt lies in the fact that the Jewish and Islamic view of these scriptures puts the burden upon mankind to save itself—which, in that respect, is in agreement with the perennial philosophy of the world. Christianity, on the other hand,…” And, at page 287, we said, “…claims which Jews and Muslims reject, thereby further identifying their particular opposition to Christianity…. Neither Buddha, Muhammad, Confucius, nor any other religious leader made such claims.” And on page 288: “One may journey to Mecca to visit the grave of Muhammad…[but] the grave of Jesus…stands empty….”

I think you’ve misread America, the Sorcerer’s New Apprentice and would appreciate it if you would go back over what you found objectionable and let us know the page numbers. It would be tragic for you not to use this book! We believe it is the best there is for non-Christians.