Reaction to The Seduction of Christianity |

Hunt, Dave

When we wrote The Seduction of Christianity, Tom McMahon and I had no idea that it would stir up such controversy. We are still astonished by the heated, vitriolic attacks; and now almost two years after publication, rather than subsiding, the campaign against Seduction seems actually to be gaining momentum. I thought you might like to know some of the facts in order to pray specifically. The following examples are only representative of much, much more.

There are constant attacks against me personally, pastors declaring that I am demon possessed and warning their congregations not to read Seduction or to attend my meetings if I happen to be speaking in their area. My motives and character are impugned from pulpit, radio and TV. For example, one pastor of a large church wrote in his weekly bulletin that it was "proven by credible sources that the book was written strictly for money so please do not buy it!" When I told him this was libelous, he printed an apology in his bulletin for "judging [my] heart," but reiterated that Seduction was "full of inaccuracies, slanderous accusations based on out-of-context statements...." When I pointed out that it is not "judging my heart" to accuse me of something "proven by credible sources" and asked who the "credible sources" were so that I could confront them, he did not reply to my letter. Nor did he reply to my request for specific examples of "inaccuracies, slanderous accusations [and] out-of-context statements."

An editorial in Christianity Today made similar libelous personal accusations, and my letter of response was cut so much by CT that I would have preferred that they not print it at all. Another CT article filled with undocumented and false accusations was titled "Welcome to the Inquisition." Since when do two unknown laymen conduct an inquisition? Inquisitions are imposed by the clergy in power, and this is in fact the main source of our opposition.

Robert Schuller has great power, and when he declared on radio that Seduction (although he hadn't read it) was literally "demonic, satanic, a work of the devil," many probably believed him. Recently Schuller told a pastor at whose church I was scheduled to speak, "Dave Hunt is a devil; you can see the serpent in his eyes," and warned that he would have to exorcise the "negativism" out of the stones of his church if he allowed me to speak there. This was right after he had told a group of pastors, in keeping with his "positive" TV image, that they should never say anything "negative" against anyone. Schuller and Oral Roberts together convinced the pastor of a very large church, who had until then been favorable, that he ought to take Seduction out of the church bookstore. Schuller and others have been offered the opportunity to discuss the issues with me on TV and have refused. In fact, John Ankerberg has not yet been able to find anyone named in the book (except Jose Silva, an occultist) who will come on his TV show to discuss the issues with me. Why?

When Hal Lindsey interviewed me on his Saturday morning radio program, almost half of his stations across the country cut him off as soon as they heard my voice. At the same time, rumors have been spread that I have been invited on this radio or that TV show to face some leader and have refused. You may be certain that I have never refused any such invitation. Although I have been banned from TBN for years, those who call the station to inquire have been told, "Jan has tried to get Dave to come on the show and he won't do it." That is not true.

On a recent trip to the East Coast, the church where I was scheduled to speak canceled under pressure. That pastor as well as others confessed in private that they agreed with the message of Seduction, but were afraid to let me in their churches because of extreme pressure from positive-confession and word-faith pastors who were very strong in the area. Those sponsoring the meetings had a very difficult time finding another host church. Christian psychologists and psychiatrists have likewise exerted unbiblical and unethical pressures to keep me off talk shows and out of churches.

Apparently we have struck a nerve that has caused powerful leaders to use desperate tactics in an attempt to silence me and obscure vital issues in a fog of ad hominem lies. One leader of a large international ministry, a good friend for years, wrote a letter accusing me of "slaughtering" scores of innocent Christian leaders. Yet my response, sincerely asking him to please specify whom I had slaughtered and how, and promising to repent if he would substantiate his charges, has never been answered.

To the pastor of a large West Coast church who had held a pastors' conference at which Schuller and Roberts, et al. spoke and during which Hunt and Seduction were misrepresented, I wrote, "If you know of any inaccuracies, out-of-context or twisted quotes, dishonest or unfair tactics or anything that isn't 100 percent factual in Seduction, then please let us know and we pledge to correct it for the next printing." That was six months ago, and the letter has never been answered, yet he was so concerned about errors in Seduction that it was a major item on the conference agenda.

There can be no doubt that a historic battle is shaping up. I expect it to get worse. The issues may be more important and the hour later than any of us realize. All we have called for is a reexamination of current teaching and practices in light of Scripture, yet we are being fought on every front. Of course there are many solid pastors and internationally known leaders who have given strong support to Seduction and Beyond Seduction.

I am not calling your attention to the opposition to gain your sympathy, for I can truly testify that I feel no pressure. Of course I want to be sensitive to legitimate complaints and quick to accept valid correction—but false accusations, no matter how vicious, give me no concern at all. This is the Lord's battle, and we must be certain that we are on His side. I have written the above so that you can specifically pray for repentance on the part of leaders who seem more concerned about "their" ministries, reputations and friends than truth. Pray for a new love of the truth to sweep the church; and for eye-opening discernment on the part of many who have been deceived. "Stand therefore..." (Eph:6:14). TBC