Read Gender Studies in Kabul! |

TBC Staff

Why not apply for a Masters Degree in Gender and Women’s Studies at Kabul University? [At the time of this writing in August] the course is currently advertised on the university’s website.

You’ll be engaged in a program which is obviously essential to any progressive nation, in the exotic atmosphere of Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. Anyone who cannot see how much of a win-win that is must be short of imagination.

In 2017, seven women and 14 men graduated from the course. In 2018 that had risen to 39 women and 22 men achieving either a First or a Second. You will clearly be in impeccable feminist company.

Kabul University reckons this is ‘a new field which can be effective in the consolidation of rights and placement of women’. But also, ‘it can be considered as an increase in the quality of social sciences for the scientific community of Afghanistan’. Of course it can.

Gender and Women’s Studies was certainly a new field for Afghanistan when the Kabul University webpage was written on the inception of the course in 2015. However, it is relatively recent in the West as well.

Women’s Studies begins with the assumption that women are victims of discrimination in society. Its feminist protagonists view society as male-dominated. The ‘patriarchy’, male succession, real or supposed wage inequality, lack of women in society’s leadership roles all become huge problems. Men are seen as having privileges which they will not relinquish voluntarily and must be forced to give up.

The Biblical assumption is that men lead and women bear children and look after the home. That being said, the Bible is clear that both sexes are in it together. In the Bible we see a woman in leadership (complaining that no man would would do the job), and we see women in business. Neither Deborah nor the wife of Proverbs 31 seem to have needed a degree in Women’s Studies to make a success of it.

Feminist antagonism, setting the sexes at each other’s throats, is divisive, ungodly and a waste of everyone’s time.

Gender studies goes further in tearing up scripture. Gender roles become culturally-conditioned rather than God-given. Numerous studies have now shown that left to their own devices, and in general, boys [go] for motor or building toys to play with while girls choose dolls. But Gender Studies will have none of that.

And if gender roles are imposed by society it follows they can be overturned. Women can rule or assert ‘girl power’. Go one step further and one’s gender itself can be chosen.

Clearly, you will have to hurry to put in an application...

Unless the Taliban have turned over a completely new leaf, It is beyond doubt the course will be shut down as soon as they spot it. In that event, it is a good job we have saved the webpage for posterity.