Real Jesus |

TBC Staff

A common charge of skeptics is that if Jesus was who he said he was, then the evidence should be more extensive, particularly if his execution was attended by things such as “a great darkness.”To the contrary, since Jesus was executed as a criminal (something the Romans did with tedious regularity), his death would be nothing special.Isaiah:53:9 prophesied that the coming Messiah would make “his grave with the wicked,” clearly fulfilled when he was crucified between two thieves. It is reasonable to expect that Jesus would have been ignored by contemporary historians. His death would be a total humiliation, particularly to the Jews (Deuteronomy:21:23 states, “he that is hanged is cursed of God”). The Romans would pay no particular attention to someone who died as a rebel or slave). Further, Jesus was hardly a threat when compared to other self-proclaimed messiahs. Rome called out the troops to stop the rebellion of an anonymous Egyptian (Acts:21:38). No troops were needed to suppress Jesus' followers. In short, to the Romans Jesus would have been no different than thousands of other everyday criminals that were crucified.

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