Reliability of Scripture |

TBC Staff

Once again, scientific research backs up the Bible--and it’s nothing new that it supports the Bible’s description of humanity as a single race. [Excerpts]

Scientists from the University of Copenhagen studied the remains from two Danish burial grounds, including those of a man who “appears to be,” based on genetic information, of Arabian origin.

The burial grounds, which have been dated to 1 - 400 BC, are located on the southern part of the Danish island of Zealand. The researchers analyzed the mitochondrial DNA found in the remains, determining that “human beings were as genetically diverse 2000 years ago as they are today”--and that humans 2000 years ago were more mobile and more “connected” with others than was previously thought. This is both due to the Arab remains in the burial ground and because none of the remains were related maternally. This indicates that ancient Danes were not living and dying in the same village (with entire families buried together), but rather were moving from place to place during their lives.

Additionally, this finding adds to confirmation that it is a “fallacy,” as the news release calls it, to accept the concept of a uniform “Scandinavian” genetic type or race.

Indeed, rather than distinctly separate ethnic or racial groups, we are all of one blood, because we do share the same origin and the same parents, ultimately . . . . we are all descendants of Adam through Noah and his children. After the dispersion at Babel, the resulting tribes spread over the globe (as God originally commanded), remaining at times separate but also intermingling other times. Thus, the original tribes have shifted and swayed over the years into modern people groups. By remembering our shared origin, we can put to rest racist notions of genetic purity and superiority and maintain the biblical view that all humans have equal value.