A Reminder to American Jews: Civilization is Fragile | thebereancall.org

TBC Staff

The question I receive more than any other from non-Jews is: Why are so many Jews on the left? Before addressing it, I should note that the same question could be asked of Christians and other non-Jews. Why have so many mainstream Protestants and Catholics (up to and including the pope) embraced the left? This question could be asked about almost every group in the world.

Nevertheless, it is valid to ask it about Jews because, if any group should be wary of dismantling a society...it is the Jews. The moment civilization begins to disintegrate, the Jews are the first victimsnever the only, but always the first. That's why Jews have so often been likened to the proverbial canary in the mine. Miners take canaries down with them because when there are noxious fumes, canaries die, and when the miners see the dead canaries, they know there are toxic fumes they must fight, or they, too, will die.

It is often asked how the most culturally advanced country in Europe,perhaps in the world, could produce Nazism and the Holocaust. Or, as it is often put, "How did the country that gave us Bach,Beethoven,Heine and Schiller give us Auschwitz?”…The Nazis loved classical music. The other, more important, answer is that civilization is fragile.

It is fragile because civilization consists of human beings, and human nature is profoundly flawed. Exceptional evil is as common as exceptional good. It takes a great deal of effort and a great deal of time to make decent society. But it takes little effort and little time to destroy society.

Why, then, does this left-wing destruction not frighten America's Jews? Do they not know the more power the left has, the less freedom they and all other Americans will have? Do they not know how much Black Lives Matter, Antifa and the rest of the left loathe Israel? Or do they not care? (The answer is that, increasingly, many American Jews do not care —especially young Jews, who have been raised by left-wing teachers and left-wing media.) How do they not recoil when statues of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are violently removed?

Do American Jews not know that the unique esteem in which they (and Israel since 1948) have been held in American society has been entirely due to the Judeo-Christian roots of America's values and its Judeo-Christianidentity? Do they not know that in a post-Christian America, they will be just another minority and that, as the left gains influence, non left Jews (specifically religious and pro-Israel Jews) will be singled out for opprobrium? (Just look at how Jewish students who publicly identify as Jews, let alone as pro-Israel Jews, are treated on many American campuses.)

We conservatives know the answer to the question, "How did the country that gave the world Beethoven give the world Nazism?” The answer:Civilization is fragile. That was true in Germany, and it is true inAmerica


[TBC: More importantly, as Dave Hunt wrote in Judgment Day"According to the Bible, there are two reasons for this universal hatred of Jews and Israel. First of all, the Jews, as God’s chosen people,are under His judgment for their rebellion against Him and the rejection of their Messiah. Secondly, anti-Semitism is inspired of Satan—a being whose existence many “educated” people deny.....The Bible declares that the Messiah came and defeated Satan by “tast[ing] death for every man” and bearing “our sins in his own body on the tree.”

But that fact did not end the battle between God and His arch-enemy for the hearts, minds, and eternal destiny of mankind. That battle continues to rage—and Israel is at its center. The Bible contains hundreds of prophecies that, although God would severely punish Israel for her sins, He would preserve a remnant and bring the scattered Jews back into their own land. This prophecy, too, is undeniably in the process of being fulfilled in our day."]