Repenting for Everything |

TBC Staff

Alleged new revelations are constantly being brought forth by self-proclaimed apostles and prophets. The fact that these new revelations have no precedent in lives of men of God in the past or the scriptures doesn’t seem to slow down the pronouncements:

“American whites repenting on the sites of Indian massacres.

For me at least this is very new. I have been a Christian for 45 years, and I never once recall hearing a sermon from the pulpit on identificational repentance. I have four graduate degrees in religion from respectable academic institutions, and I was never taught a class on the subject. You do not find the issue raised in the writings of Martin Luther or John Calvin or John Wesley....Fortunately, we now have a textbook on the subject, namely John Dawson's remarkable book, Healing America's Wounds (Regal Books). In my opinion, this is one of the books of the decade for Christian leaders of all denominations. Only because we now have access to this book has the United Prayer Track or the AD2000 Movement been bold enough to declare 1996 as the year to 'Heal the Land,' featuring massive initiatives for repentance and reconciliation on every continent of the world.

American whites repenting for the slave trade. [Others include]:

Christians from Japan repenting for the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Europeans repenting of the sins of World War II.

Christians from the North and from the South repenting over sins of the American Civil War.

Similar events are being planned on every continent of the world.

As the Body of Christ agrees to pull down strongholds of corporate sin, the way will be opened for revival of churches and a harvest of souls greater than anything previously imagined. Identificational repentance gives us the power to heal the past” (C. Peter Wagner, The Power to Heal the Past, Renewal Journal, pp. 14-18).