Response to The Seduction of Christianity |

Hunt, Dave

There seems to be a literal revolution in process! Charisma spent two hours on the phone interviewing me recently. They have refused to allow Harvest House to advertise Seduction, were not going to write a review, wanted to avoid even mentioning the book, but apparently have received so many letters supportive of Seduction and critical of them, and so many people are withdrawing support from "faith" teachers that they have to make some kind of response. KBRT in Los Angeles has received more letters and phone calls about this book than any other topic or book they can remember. To "prove" that I have caused great confusion in the body of Christ, Paul Crouch sent me what he called a "typical" letter from a TBN viewer. It criticized him for having men like Hagin, Copeland, Schuller, et al. and told him to clean up his show. I didn't think this "typical" writer sounded confused at all. Christian TV may have to change!

The people we name in Seduction must be receiving a huge volume of mail and phone calls taking them to task and withdrawing support. This has caused them to react in anger. Robert Schuller has called the book satanic and demonic on a radio interview in Seattle and accused my publisher of being motivated only by money. He was in Seattle autographing his latest book when he made the accusation. I was shocked that a man who is always so "positive" on TV could be so "negative" in real life. Jamie Buckingham has written that T.A. McMahon and I "are witch hunters" and our "approach is, at best, spiritual McCarthyism." He goes on to say, "Relying on false information, twisted facts, unfounded accusations, inquisitorial investigative methods, and sensationalism, these enemies of the supernatural attack nearly everyone in the charismatic movement....(T)hey are attacking the faith movement, inner healing, the charismatic approach, and anyone who uses common sense and believes in signs and wonders." One "wonders" if he even read Seduction. These once soft-spoken but now red-faced "faith leaders" seem incoherent, beside themselves, almost apoplectic. Paul and Jan Crouch got into an unexpected argument live on TBN recently with Hal Lindsey over the issues raised in the book. I was named on the live show, but my name was bleeped out on replays. Hal, praise God, did not back down but told them they were wrong and why.

Something unique in modern church history seems to be in the making. Far outnumbering the stepped-up attacks, letters and phone calls of encouragement pour in. Dave Wilkerson wrote on December 26, "I get wind of all the harsh words being said about you and your book, and it truly troubles me. How can so many people be so blind!...God put this book on your heart and brought it to the attention of the body of Christ, and you must never back down. Brother [Leonard] Ravenhill...told me yesterday it is one of the most significant books of modern times." Similar encouragement is being received from other Christian leaders.  TBC