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TBC Staff

A Reason for the Hope

From Baxter's Saint's Rest:

There is in heavenly rest a perfect freedom from all evils. All the evils that accompanied us through our course, and which necessarily follow our absence from the chief good: besides our freedom from those eternal flames, and restless miseries, which the neglecters of Christ and grace must remedilessly endure; a woeful inheritance, which both by birth and actual merit, was due to us, as well as to them! In heaven there is nothing that defileth, or is unclean: all THAT remains without (Revelation:21:7; 22:15). And doubtless there is not such a thing as grief and sorrow known there: nor is there such a thing as a pale face, a languid body, feeble joints, unable infancy, decrepit age, pecant humours, painful or pining sickness, grip[p]ing fears, consuming cares, nor whatsoever deserves the name of evil. We did weep and lament, when the world did rejoice; but our sorrow is turned into joy, and our joy shall no man take from us (John:16:20,22). 

---Richard Baxter, “The Saint’s Everlasting Rest,” or “A Treatise of the Blessed State of the Saints in their Enjoyment of God in Heaven,” New York: Worthington Co., 1888, p 24.