Rick Joyner Says Some Christians Can Cure Ebola Simply Through Their Presence | thebereancall.org

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On [the September 11, 2014] "Prophetic Perspective on Current Events" program, Rick Joyner recounted the eight hours he spent in Heaven recently, as well as the regular face-to-face encounters he has been having with Enoch, the great-grandfather of Noah, and the Prophet Elijah.

During his recent visit, Joyner learned that there is no Ebola virus in Heaven and that Christians are capable of taking authority over the disease here on earth. In fact, there are certain people who are given "total authority over Ebola," allowing them to cure people infected with the disease simply by being in their presence.

"Somebody with Ebola, they come into the room, the Ebola is gone," Joyner said. "That person is healed. It cannot live, cannot exist in their presence."All Christians will one day have this same power, Joyner said, revealing that he even had a vision of children clearing entire regions of radiation simply through prayer:


[TBC: It is instructive when a secular group such as “Right Wing Watch” shows concern regarding the false teaching of individuals such as Rick Joyner. Yet, the concern of believers seems muted when Joyner makes such outrageous and unbiblical claims. In Wandering Stars: Contending for the Faith with the New Apostles and Prophets, Keith Gibson points out that Joyner in Overcoming Evil in the Last Days “ impugns the motives of those who would dare to be concerned about false teaching creeping into the church and writes, ‘Although this spirit usually comes in the guise of protecting the sheep, the truth, or the Lord’s glory, it is an evil, critical spirit that will always end up causing division and destruction’.” (Overcoming Evil in the Last Days, 2003 Destiny Image Publishers, pp. 144-45).]