Rob Bell Premieres on Oprah Winfrey Network |

TBC Staff - EN


Rob Bell, former megachurch pastor and bestselling author, will finally have his new self-help show premiere on the Oprah Winfrey Network next month, just a few days before Christmas.

A press release from OWN claims that on "The Rob Bell Show," the Christian author "shines a bright light on the topics we most want to talk about but don't know where to begin."

"The special focuses on the universal desire to create a life of meaning, hope, and joy –- making peace with your past, living and thriving in the present right here, right now," adds the press release. "Whether you're spiritual, cynical, religious, or not quite sure, Rob invites you into the questions, wrestling with what it all means and why we find spiritual topics so fascinating."

Bell, who joined Winfrey and several other hand-picked guests on the popular and influential media mogul's "Oprah's The Life You Want Weekend" multi-city tour, had released in May an announcement that he would start filming for the show.

Bell caused a stir in 2013 among some Christians when he declared that he was "for marriage … for fidelity … for love, whether it's a man and a woman, a woman and a woman, a man and a man." Years prior, after he published Love Wins in 2011, Bell fell out of favor with some prominent evangelical leaders, such as John Piper, who found his questioning of a literal, eternal hell contrary to orthodox Christian teachings on the afterlife.

[TBC: As we noted in a previous update (, Bell's teachings are complementary to Winfrey in their denial of the truth of Scripture. We first addressed Rob Bell's heresies in a December 2005 TBC review of Velvet Elvis. Although professing fidelity to Scripture, the content of both Velvet Elvis and Love Wins clearly denies the sufficiency of Scripture. "This is part of the problem with continually insisting that one of the absolutes of the Christian faith must be a belief that 'Scripture alone' is our guide. It sounds nice, but it is not true" (Bell, Velvet Elvis , p. 67). His denial of scriptural authority has turned him from God's specific revelation, and he must therefore look elsewhere for insights that only God can and has provided. In the end, he is leading others on a fruitless quest.]