Robert Dick Wilson |

TBC Staff

Princeton professor Robert Dick Wilson (1856-1930) studied the Old Testament as few ever have. He spent 15 years learning all the languages that the scriptures were published in up to AD 600. In the process he mastered some 45 different languages. During the next 15 years he concentrated on studying the text of the Old Testament itself. He looked at every consonant in the Old Testament text (Old Testament Hebrew has no vowels) – in all, about one and a quarter million of them.

Wilson then spent his remaining years writing down his conclusions.  He confidently stated that “We are scientifically certain that we have substantially the same [Old Testament] text that was in the possession of Christ and the apostles and, so far as anybody knows, the same as that written by the original composers of the Old Testament documents.”

Robert Dick Wilson, Scientific Investigation of the Old Testament. Cited in In Defense of the Faith, by Dave Hunt.