That’s Entertainment? |

TBC Staff

If it could be demonstrated that humanistic and postmodern philosophies and the mindset of the age had replaced the careful, systematic study of the Word of God, what would that tell us about the state of the church today?  If the elements of fellowship, communion, prayer and worship have always been an integral part of the local church, what happens when these activities are confused with, or diluted by, entertainment?  If it could be demonstrated that what many call worship is really amusement, what would that tell us about the state of the church today?

The most successful arm of the evangelical church in recent years, in terms of growth, money and prestige, has been the market driven (seeker-sensitive, new paradigm, user-friendly) church.  Because of this success these churches are being mimicked all over the country, and indeed, the world.  But is this church fully dressed [or fashioned according to Hans Christian Anderson’s emperor’s new clothes]?  Is she outfitted in the biblically prescribed robes of evangelism, edification, worship and instruction?  Or, is she wrapped in rags composed of empty human philosophy stitched together with bits and pieces of truth?  If the latter is true, why have so few seemed to notice?

This Little Church Went to Market  pp. xiv-xv