The Same Destination |

TBC Staff

[TBC: Whether it is the emergent church, Catholic mysticism, positive confession, the new apostolic movement, or new age religion, all derive inspiration from each other and defend each other against any who discern unbiblical practices. In 2007, Patricia King, a self-titled prophetess who teaches and promotes esoteric, extrabiblical mysticism was taken to task for her “Cloud of Witnesses prophecy.”]

She predicted: “Appearances of Christ like the disciples experienced…to believers and non-believers. Angelic visitations, appearances, and encounters...Third Heaven Visitations…Ascending and descending (earth to heaven and heaven to earth)…Appearances of the Great Cloud of Witnesses…Walking on Water like Jesus and Peter. Transport in the Spirit through both visionary encounters and physical to physical, like Ezekiel, Elijah, John, and Phillip. Walking into rooms where the doors are locked, like Jesus. Raising the dead, like Jesus did at funerals, at sickbeds, and even in graveyards…an acceleration of resurrections… manifestations of gold, silver, diamond glitter, gem stones, oil, feathers, lights, lightning's, thundering, manna, fire”(Patricia King's Positional Statement on “The Spiritual Revolution” from her website).

When biblical objections were raised, she was defended by a pastor who identifies himself as …“a Board Certified Psychologist, an Anglican priest, a former Baptist minister, a retired university professor and a lifetime friend of the Rev. Charles Osborne. (Osbourne describes himself as a “a seer prophet and Anglican priest”). The defense was long on generalities and devoid of pertinent biblical commentary. No effort was made to “prove all things, hold fast that which is good” (1 Thessalonians:5:21). Following is the sum of the defense:

“[P]sychotherapy tenderized me to psychological suffering. So I probably experienced more pain for you than you feel yourself. Anyway, I did go into intercessory prayer.

“I know you realize that what is happening to you in these attacks goes with the territory. My son is a successful Rhema pastor, and no one suffered more attacks than his teacher, Kenneth Hagin. As you know, Hagin was called everything from new agey to heretic. Right now, I attend a Morningstar fellowship, and when I first heard of Rick Joyner and Googled him, I knew he had to be on to something, as all I saw was him being accused of everything short of murder.”

[TBC: Many of these folks speak of being inspired by the teachings of the late Kenneth Hagin, who demonstrably plagiarized metaphysical teacher E.W. Kenyon (D.R. McConnell, "A Different Gospel," pp. 6-11). Kenyon himself was influenced by metaphysical cults like Christian Science, New Thought, and The Unity School of Christianity (D.R. McConnell, "A Different Gospel," pp. 31-35). It was Hagin who wrote, “God made man His understudy. He made him king, to rule over everything that had life. Man was master. Man lived in the realm of God. He lived on terms of equality with God" (Hagin, Zoe, pp. 35-36).]