Say What? |

TBC Staff

" I am not God and I cannot be God. Rather, I am the Godman, the Holy Spirit incarnate sent by God to find devine solution to all human problems in the universe. I am the spiritual king of the world. I can be described as the spiritual head of the universe. With this privileged position bestowed on me by God, any mishap in the country or else where in the world can be controlled by me.

"The black race is the first ever human race to inhabit the planet earth today with Nigeria as the focal point as one hosting the Godman, the living perfect master, Satguru Maharajji. I am here as the Lord of the universe of our time in a black skin and in a Nigerian body, to re-unite first, Nigerians, Africans, the black race and the human race in general, in the bid to bring the world and the entire creation back to what it was in the beginning, One Love Family." - Satguru Maharajji, the leader of the One Love Family, which is based in Nigeria.