Sbarro Terrorists Have Received $910,823 in Pay-For-Slay Funds |

TBC Staff

Eighteen years ago, on August 9, female terrorist Ahlam Tamimi smuggled a bomb in a guitar case into Jerusalem and led a suicide bomber to the crowded Sbarro pizza shop in Jerusalem’s city center.

Suicide terrorist Izz Al-Din Al-Masri ate a slice of pizza and then blew himself up, murdering 15 people, seven of them children, and wounding close to 130 others.

Tamimi is on the United States’ “Most Wanted Terrorist” list, but the United States has been unable to extradite her from Jordan. The country’s top court in March 2017 refused to hand her over to the US because a 1995 extradition agreement between the two countries was never ratified by the Jordanian parliament.

In a recent interview with Al-Jazeera, Tamimi said she cannot understand why the US wants to extradite her or why she is defined as a terrorist.

“I'm part of an independence movement, a national liberation movement, a resistance movement acting for its freedom,” she said in March 2019. “Why are we defined as ‘terror’? Why is Ahlam defined as a ‘terrorist’?”

Tamimi was charged by the US with “conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction against US nationals outside the US, resulting in death.”

In 2017, acting Assistant Attorney General for National Security Mary McCord called Tamimi “an unrepentant terrorist who admitted to her role in a deadly terrorist bombing that injured and killed numerous innocent victims.”

Tamimi herself described her actions in an interview aired in 2011 when she explained that she examined the Sbarro restaurant for nine days ahead of the attack and that she chose the location carefully based on its large number of patrons. “I didn't want to blow [myself] up, I didn't want to carry out a martyrdom-seeking operation,” she said. “My mission was just to choose the place and to bring the martyrdom-seeker.

“[I made] the general plan of the operation, but carrying it out was entrusted to the martyrdom-seeker,” she continued….“My job was to realize, for this Martyrdom-seeker, the happy life that he wanted,” she concluded.

“The Palestinian Authority glorifies all its terrorists including child murderers and suicide bombers, as heroes,” explained Maurice Hirsch, PMW’s head of legal strategies in a related release. “In addition to granting the terrorist prisoners a monthly salary, the 2004 PA Law of Prisoners and Released Prisoners prohibits the PA from signing any peace agreement that does not include the release of all the Palestinian terrorists, including the child-murderers who carried out this attack.”

In 2018, the PA admitted to spending $134 million in salary payments to terrorists. Currently, every terrorist salary starts at a minimum of NIS 1,400 per month and can reach as much as NIS 12,000 month after 30 years.