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[TBC: The "religious" nature of such beliefs as evolution and humanism have long been pointed out. In seeking to eradicate "religion," (i.e., biblical Christianity) from every facet of university life, so called free-thinkers have created a religious edifice which is already turning against them. The following excerpt from The National Association of Scholars shows the penalty for exchanging allegiance to the Creator to the shifting sands of science "falsely so-called.]

Outside the classroom, various innovations, including sensitivity training and speech codes, were introduced to discourage the expression of non-conforming views, reversing what had, only shortly before, been a virtually iconic dedication to academic free speech. Ambitious efforts commenced to reshape student life, through dorm-based counseling, the regulation or suppression of fraternities and sororities, the creation of diversity offices with extensive public affairs and advisement functions, and the institution-wide sponsorship of events and programs "celebrating" cultures, values, groups, and lifestyles formerly marginalized or censured. University investment portfolios, purchasing policies, and openness to military recruitment were also altered to reflect new creedal agendas. All in all, the temple of science began to resemble something of a postmodern church. . . . the increasingly creedal nature of the university poses dangers to the natural sciences, threatening to undermine the meritocratic protocols on which they depend, while corroding their deeper intellectual foundations.

(Balch, "More Crises Than One," "Society, May/June 2006).