Science, Religion, and Magic |

TBC Staff

While modern day Wicca is relatively new, magic or more accurately, magical thinking is not. In, "Magic was once seen as equal to science and religion – a bit of magical thinking could help the world now"  Chris Gosden Professor of European Archaeology, University of Oxford, argues that "Magic, religion and science form a triple helix running through human culture." He seems to be making the case that these three are not in competition but rather, are complimentary to one another: 

Magic, religion and science have their own strengths and weaknesses. It is not a question of choosing between them – science allows us to understand the world in order to influence and change it. Religion, meanwhile, derives from a sense of transcendence and wonder. Magic sees us as immersed in forces and flows of energy influencing our psychological states and well-being, just as we can influence these flows and forces.

This idea is consistent with Eastern religions, Wicca, neopaganism, native American and Native Canadian religions. It is the religion of the "Force" in Star Wars and the religion of the Enneagram in the evangelical churches. We are connected to the universe through the "flows of energy" which impacts us and in turn we, through magic, "can influence these flows and forces." Do I hear that faint sound of a voice saying, "You shall be like God..."?