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During my private prayer I remembered my impatient speech today, and this brought before me my sins in so clear a light, and with a deep feeling of sorrow and abhorrence. It showed me so clearly the necessity of an atonement, and the greatness of God’s mercy, and that we live entirely by the grace of God, and are unworthy. I thought within myself, How instructive are our failures...! But this is by no means to encourage us in carelessness.

—Philip M. Hahn, diary entry Feb. 8, 1786

Brethren, let there be heart and vitality in our ministry...[and in our] gospel preaching and exhortation. Let us speak as before God...for the climax of the age is coming. Let us be men essentially of one Book...soaking the mind in it till we think of little else...who commune with God...and from His presence come forth with the divine message.

—Franklin Ferguson, “God’s Axemen”