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McMahon, T.A.

Letters, We Get Letters

Please don't be upset if you take the time to write to us and don't receive a reply. Although we're thrilled that the Lord is enabling us to grow,  our miniscule correspondence department is overwhelmed—if not completely buried. Even so, every letter is read (we love brevity!) and its input greatly appreciated; but we cannot answer them all. Dave would love to respond personally to the mail sent to him, but to do so would virtually eliminate his being able to fulfill what God has called him to do: to reach as many as he can through his research, writing, and speaking.

Need answers to your questions? Search the Scriptures first; then, if necessary, avail yourself of our resources, (newsletter reprints with index, books, tracts, tapes, web page, etc.).

Please do not send books, unpublished manuscripts, videos, audios, or music tapes or CDs for review or promotion. We do not have the staff or the resources to evaluate them, and we want to be good stewards of our time and true to our calling.

T. A. McMahon
Executive Director