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Dearest Dave Hunt & TBC staff,
Your article "In the Name of Jesus" [July 2008], really spoke to me regarding our responsibility in proclaiming the gospel....You...point out the untruths that permeate the world today that affect even the firmest believers. There are few left who truly want to set their hearts and minds on Christ alone and who choose to stand in His truth....I thank you that I have found a common ground with all of you (this ground is shockingly eroding at a faster pace these days). That common ground is the Lord Jesus Christ, our Anchor, our firm foundation, our solid Rock on which we stand....Thank you for speaking so boldly for Him. His glory shines brightly through TBC's faithful ones. KD (FL)

I feel sorry for you to promote the myth and fake teachings about the Jews. Read Genesis:3:15, children of light and children of darkness. I know one thing, I won't see you in heaven! CG (UT)

Dear TBC,
I just read Dave Hunt's July article "In the Name of Jesus." I have been a Christian for more than 50 years and his article is one of the finest articles that I have ever read. He hit the "nail on the head" in every instance. Please express my gratitude to him. SL (OK)

Dear Dave and T. A.,
I wanted to write and thank you for the exhaustive work you guys do in contending for true Christianity. I want to commend [TBC] for the excellent job it does in the prophecy conferences. I've not been able to attend a conference, but I do make full use of the videos you offer. I firmly believe  that Christianity is not a "spectator sport," and since my true conversion I have tried to be as active in the Lord's work as I can....In these endeavors I encounter almost daily the insidious teachings that try to creep into the church. Your research and insights have been a valuable help to me and my fellow believers. BR (PA)

Dear Dave,
I just looked at a stack of Berean Call newsletters that I have been receiving free of charge and saving since Oct. 2004. I don't know how to express my gratitude for what your ministry means to me....I used to get angry with you because I thought you were too harsh in pointing out other people's errors in doctrine. But now I take every word to heart....You are teaching me to be a Berean....I went to a seeker-friendly church for several years....Thanks to you, my eyes were opened and I really began to pay attention. I noticed that the pastor never spoke about certain things in his message, like Israel, the Tribulation, or hell, for example....He was really just a motivational speaker....I've since started attending a small church....The very first Sunday the pastor was speaking from Romans about how God is not finished with the nation of Israel. I was so refreshed to hear a Bible-based message instead of a message that's "all about me." I love that church! RD (OH)

Dear Dave Hunt and brethren,
Your newsletters are so refreshing to receive every month. I liked your last two (June and July), encouraging us to stand strong for the faith....I was the salutatorian of my [Bible College program] graduating class and had to give a speech....Due to the fact that we had a mixed crowd I gave a speech that was listener friendly to all. Your article "In the Name of Jesus" led me to believe that I was wrong. I was trying not to offend....I should have used the [opportunity] to stand up for the faith. I was not doing anyone any favors by trying not to step on any toes. No true messenger of God's Word can go through life without offending others....Thanks for your newsletter. It's a great encouragement. JR (prisoner, MS)

Dear Mr. Hunt,
Please, please continue your work as you tell us plainly and truthfully from the Bible, God's message, as well as clear up questions, errors, lies, etc. I have found the whole paper very helpful. You expose everything to the True Light and are not swayed. My thanks to you and Tom McMahon. FB (Canada)