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TBC Staff

Dear Berean Call,
I want to thank you with all my heart for your monthly newsletter, which brings the truth of God's Word to so many. There are not enough words of praise for the whole staff there that does an outstanding job. I love you all and thank you again for embracing the truth and helping us keep our eyes open in these last days. RR (CA)

Dear Dave,
Of all the people out there, you have influenced me more than anyone. I thank you for your ministry and want to say to you "well done, good and faithful servant!" Thank you so much, and be encouraged. JB (VA)

Brother Hunt and TBC Family,
I thank God for your ministry, which keeps the focus on the Scriptures and puts the spotlight on the things that are contrary to the Word of God. I first came across this ministry by reading A Woman Rides the Beast. That book opened my eyes to a lot of error....I just wanted to write to let you all know that this ministry is having an impact on people's lives, even in prison. CW (NC, prisoner)

Thank you for the book Cosmos! I just started it, and I love the way it is written and the way it explains itself as it goes. Even I can get what is being said and the way it all ties together. I won't go on, but thank you! JJ (email)

My Brother in Christ, Dave Hunt,
Your books reach out and take our hands and lead us to stand upon God's Solid Rock, Jesus Christ. Thank you....When I was so confused, lost...couldn't find my way outdidn't know what hit mea dear friend gave me the first book I'd read in years, The Cult Explosion. I had to read and re-read and then again read because for the first time in my whole life I was reading something that I could grab on toa real life-line...to help me out of darkness....The junk I had swallowed had truly devastated my life, I had no root, just a bunch of false teachings...but as I read your book, I wept and cried out for gratefulness to God....You have a wonderful gift, an anointing from God...you teach us to roll up our sleeves and plunge in and study. Your books are meat, and even though I could only take applesauce, your books taught me to go deeper....Studying and reading God's Word [has] given me a strength I cannot believe I could ever own....Thank you and may God keep you writing...! KL (OR)

Dear Mr. Hunt and Mr. McMahon,
Thank you for your radio show. I have learned so much since I started listening to it about a year ago, and I look forward to it every week on iTunes. I realize that you have been re-broadcasting shows from earlier years, and I appreciate that since I am a relatively new listener....Thank you for your continued service to Christ and to the church. BH (OH)

Just finished your book Judgment Day!, and it was overwhelming. I am sharing it with as many friends as I can so they can have the opportunity to decide for themselves about Islam. Thank you! HR (email)

Dear Dave,
I want to take a moment to encourage all of you in your stance of earnestly contending for the faith. I know it is very difficult to be on the front line taking the assault of the enemy. Know that you are prayed for by many who are also contending for the faith in their daily lives. The Lord will fill you with the grace and strength to do the things He has placed before you. God bless you all. NS (email)

Respected sirs,
I thank God for directing me to your site. [A number of years ago] I stumbled upon your book Peace, Prosperity, and the Coming Holocaust in no other way than by Divine Providence. Being a Christian bookworm, I often spend hours in old bookstores looking for the rare piece. On that 1997 day, I was about to depart without a find, having looked in vain on every shelf, but an impulse made me lift from the floor a pile of Vietnamese technical books. And sure enough, there it was at the bottom....The title, as well as the author, was absolutely unknown to me, but not the subjectso it was that I felt as the scrap metal dealer who found a gold bar in the lot! About the subject you're discussing, I can say from personal experience that there are no "prayer techniques/tactics" when it comes to Praying To God. There are no "praying skills" that can make your "dreams come true." God looks at you from the inside of your heart. There is only the Proverbs Author's recommendation to acknowledge Him in every way so that He will direct our paths, and bring it to pass (His will for us, that is.)

The sorry state of many in the church today comes from [the fact] that they are swayed by every whiff of "doctrine" that passes their way, provided it is sugar coated by promises of material gain. It reminds me of the teaching of the Baha'ist incantation repeated ad nauseum until an "extraordinary peace" descends upon you, as mentioned by Pastor J. K.van Baalen in his 1967 The Chaos of Cults. That such practices, of which our Lord warns against, find their way into the church today is nothing short of the paganization of Christianity....God bless you, sirs, and your staff, in every one of His ways. NL (email)