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Dear TBC,
I just finally (whew) got done reading What Love Is This? I wish I could hug Dave for making this final effort. My daughter is caught in this doctrine through the encouragement of her husband. She now believes that her whole upbringing was based on false premises and that her choosing Jesus was based on works. [She wants to please her husband] by following TULIP....I pray that I will be given grace [and] the right words to speak truth into the lives of my son-in-law and my dear sweet daughter. It has caused a huge rift in our family. TK (email)

Dear Staff,
I am finding your article on Minecraft interesting. After being a fan of Nintendo for 30+ years I have had to part ways with Nintendo. Their video games like Zelda have a tendency toward some sort of Hinduism. Generally, I could overlook the paganism, but since they have become hostile to Christians and scripture in their Miiverse I have contacted them to let them know that after being a fan from my childhood...they have lost me, as I am not ashamed of Jesus Christ or the Word of God. If their Miiverse is going to be hostile to my religion while promoting theirs, I am done. They didn’t seem to care much. I suppose that might change if people cared more about their faith than their video games. I sold my Wii U and have no intention of returning to Nintendo, although I might pick up a secondhand Game Cube sometime and get back to the old-fashioned games. CR (email)

To the TBC Staff,
Please convey my thanks and appreciation to Mr. T. A. McMahon for a “whopper” of an article [June 2014, How Does Your Church Counsel?]. This is definitely going into a project I’m working on (for which you’ve given your consent). I studied psychology at diploma level for three years before I was a Christian, and even in my anti-God/unsaved state I sensed something was wrong with it when I couldn’t find the word “love” anywhere. SS (South Africa)

Dear Tom,
We thank God for you and for the ministry of The Berean Call. We pray regularly for you as you have the responsibility of directing TBC and seeking God’s will in what to address and print in each issue. We are encouraged by the excerpts you include from Dave’s writing too.

I read “Minecraft: Friend or Foe?” [July 2014] to my wife, and we were both surprised to find no words of caution from TBC at the close of the article. Part of our problem may be because we are not “gamers.” We are retired missionaries who spent over 30 years seeking to bring the gospel to Muslims in West Africa.

To take up Minecraft in order to get in touch with non-Christian “gamers” may be an acceptable way of reaching the lost, but the approach of the writers raises questions in our minds that disturb us....[It] may lead to effective witnessing, or it may lead to the Christian getting involved in teaching that corrupts and deadens his own faith. It is true that some who play this game will find it stimulating to study and use the Word of God. It is also true that to focus on the thinking of unregenerate people can have the wrong effect on ungrounded or immature Christians. Whether young Christian children or untaught Christians should be encouraged to use Minecraft “to get the answers and know how to go back to the Bible to find truth” is debatable, to say the least....We don’t question the sincerity and motives of the authors in their desire to use games and the Bible to reach people for Christ. We do have questions as to the advisability of using or advising others to use this approach as presented in the TBC article. In a day when too many Christians are untaught and ungrounded in the Word, it is questionable as to whether children and adults should be encouraged to play more games, or if the words of Paul have an application in the matter (1 Cor:13:11).....May God continue to bless, guide, and encourage you in your much needed ministry in these last days. CF (FL)

Dear T. A. and Staff,
Your July TBC Notes “How’s It Going?” reminded me of the fact that in all the different churches I have attended, I cannot think of one time when people were exhorted to daily read the Word. I think it is assumed they will but that is not usually the case. I began reading thru the Bible once a year in 1986....You are correct when you say how important daily reading is—and to read the whole Bible and not just parts of it. Even the “boring” parts and geneaologies are there for a reason....I am glad you stand firm against the heresies of Catholicism when so many others refuse to. Thanks, too, for your stand against psychology. Been there, done that. What a bunch of hooey! PM (WA)