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Dear T. A. and Staff,
I wanted to tell you what a great job I think you are doing. Your work is a Godsend for the church (true believers) today. It is so important for us to understand what is going on amongst us and to be good Bereans. You make this possible. Thank you all! EP (IL)

Being in the correctional system, our address changes, especially as we venture homeward. I am presently in a halfway house. As a person moves gradually back into society you are constantly tested and distracted from the Scriptures….My goal is to stay the course and continue with God’s Word and understanding the Scriptures with the help of your newsletter. I hope to eventually reach home and surround myself with others who are learning about God. WH (PA)

Berean Call,
Thank you for your faithfulness! I have been following Dave Hunt’s ministry for many years and appreciate receiving your newsletter….You have been a great blessing in your analysis of the latest confusing trends. Thank you for your clear explanation of the Harbinger and Shemitah prophecy materials. BS (SC)

Dear TBC,
I just watched the excellent presentation of Tom McMahon on the Hollywood movies. I’m sure he can see how the Lord is using his past life in Hollywood to give us all that much-needed discernment. I, for one, am thankful for that. I have already been convicted about watching films anyway. I grew up “at the movies.” Every Saturday I’d be sent to see something [and] I became enamored with the stars, etc. It has taken a long time for me to finally listen to the Holy Spirit and release all of that nonsense.

Having become a believer in the true gospel back in the fifties, I remember that going to the theater was a “no-no” to true believers. We have certainly come a long way from that separation! Please keep up the good work you all do for us to try to keep us from deception. JK (PA)