Shack Author: Now Jesus is pregnant with Adam |

TBC Staff

The Shack author: Now Jesus is pregnant with Adam in Paul Young’s book Eve.

Paul Young, author of The Shack, Eve, and The Lies We Believe About God, is pulling many away from the Savior and the Word of God. His Mother Goddess is only one of many theological problems he presents via his books and appearances.]

[Following the release of Paul Young book Eve], Don Veinot of Midwest Christian Outreach intervewed James B. DeYoung,  the author of Burning Down The Shack and The Lies Paul Young Believes About God. DeYoung was friends with The Shack author Paul Young, and was one of the first to learn that Paul Young had rejected the biblical God. He is a semi-retired seminary professor.

The interview segment below is transcribed from the video…It lasts two minutes or so. Here DeYoung speaks of Paul Young’s book, Eve. Please note how Young, once again misinterpreting the meaning of El Shaddai, spews forth a mutated version of Christ.

Here is the brief, transcribed portion of the video. Professor James B. DeYoung is speaking, starting at 31 minutes and 32 seconds:

31:32  Eve is Paul Young’s novel dealing with rewriting Genesis chapters one, two, and three, the story of Creation, and then the making of Adam and Eve. And the way that in Paul Young’s view that Adam and Eve came into being is that the Earth Man, who is Jesus Christ becomes pregnant with Adam, and after nine months gives birth to Adam, and then after Adam becomes pregnant with Eve, Adam gives birth to her… [Eve, pg. 187: "Adam's belly grew, expanding with a pregnancy. And then time came to a stop. In nine months God fashioned the feminine side of Adam's humanity, the female who slept within..."] 

…and both of these infants at that time, immediately after birth, nurse at Jesus’ breasts. That to me is almost shameful for me to say that kind of thing, but I relate that because I think that Paul Young is imbibing at the drink of pagan mythology, myths that were in vogue in the Canaanite era of Israel’s past history, and which God warned them all about, delivered Israel out of that, but he is conceiving of I think the writing of Genesis as a different way to take these myths and give them a different kind of character [Eve, pg. 189: "Isha [Eve] too nursed at God's breasts and took her first tottering steps into Adam's arms."]

In a recent podcast I heard Paul Young take on the name El Shaddai and he claimed that really referred to breasts. I looked all that up and there is a variant reading, a slightly different spelling of El Shaddai in the Hebrew, but we believe, and correctly so, that it means the Almighty. But he mentions that in his podcast and I think that’s a telling admission.

I think what he’s doing is saying that what we believe as Jewish people first and then as Christians is simply a retelling of pagan myths and that strikes at the very heart of who God is, what the authority of the Bible is, who the Trinity are,  or is, Father, Son, and Spirit, and on and on it goes. [End of transcribed portion]