Shaky Foundations |

TBC Staff

Whadaya Expect From A Miraculous Book?

The following is a selection of ancient myths explaining earthquakes. These are listed by the Center for Earthquake Research and Information (University of Memphis) to show how unscientific their thoughts were. No Bible stories were listed. We do include one scripture following the myths. The contrast is illuminating.

Ancient Greece

Thales of Miletos (6th century BC) believed an agitation of the great sea on which the earth floats, produced earthquakes. But the notion that the movement of air in subterrestrial chambers created earthquakes formed the basis for the most elaborate theories of ancient times.

Mexican, Vaqueros, California

El Diablo, an Indian god, made a giant rip in the ground so that he and his cohorts did not have to take the long way around, whenever they wanted to stir up mischief on the earth.

Gabrielino Indians, Southern California

Long ago, when most of the world was water, Great Spirit decided to make a beautiful land with lakes and rivers, that turtles carried on their backs. One day the turtles began to argue and three of the turtles began to swim east, while the other three swam west. The earth shook! It cracked with a loud noise. The turtles could not swim far, because the land on their backs was heavy. When they saw that they could not swim far away they stopped arguing and made up. But every once in a while, the turtles that hold up California argue again, and each time they do, the earth shakes.

Hindus of India

They believed that eight mighty elephants held up the land. When one of them grew weary, it lowered and shook it's head, causing an earthquake.

Kamchatka, Siberia, Russia

A god named Tuli drove an earth-laden sled pulled by flea-infested dogs: when the dogs stopped to scratch, the earth shook.

Mongolia, China

A gigantic frog which carried the world on its back, twitched periodically, producing slight quakes.

What the Bible says: “He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing” (Job:26:7).