Singing for Pope Francis in an Ecumenical Setting |

TBC Staff - EN


She will appear alongside fellow worship leader Don Moen and classical tenor Andrea Bocelli at the "Voices in Prayer" event held by Catholic charismatic group 'Renewal in the Spirit'.

Thousands are expected to gather in St Peter's Square for the event, which will include prayer for persecuted Christians.

Darlene Zschech, who has written many popular worship songs including "My Jesus, My Saviour (Shout To The Lord)", posted on her Facebook page that she was "honoured" to be asked to sing at the Vatican.

"This is a celebration of unity and peace in the Renewal of the Holy Spirit. Amazing days for the Body of Christ", she wrote.

Speaking before the event, Don Moen said, 'This ecumenical event brings Protestants, Catholics, and Jews together as we pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are being martyred and persecuted all over the world today. Although there are many denominational differences throughout the church worldwide, I have seen firsthand how coming together in worship and prayer promotes unity. Join me as we pray for those who are being jailed, beaten, and killed for professing their belief in Jesus Christ."

The news was controversial in some quarters, with one person commenting on Darlene Zschech's facebook page, 'It is always good to take every opportunity to share music with the world that honours God; however I have a hard time to understand how you can be united in seeking the "renewal in the Holy Spirit" with religious leaders who are worshippers of idols and Mary. Unity can happen only when unity is based on the Truth, what the Scriptures says."

This is not the first time Darlene Zschech has worked with the Catholic church. In 2008 she put on a concert as part of World Youth Day. When the Pope Francis' papacy began, the singer tweeted 'God bless Pope Francis...May he lead the Catholic Church into her finest days yet...'

[TBC: In 1990 Dave Hunt wrote in Global Peace and the Rise of Antichrist, The Roman Catholic hierarchy has a long history of leadership in ecumenism. A book could be filled with examples, but a few must suffice. Popes John XXIII and Paul VI joined such notables as the Dalai Lama, Anwar el-Sadat (a Muslim), and U.N. Secretary General U. Thant (a Buddhist), to form The Temple of Understanding, known as the United Nations of World Religions…."His Holiness" the Dalai Lama, who is "God" to most Tibetan Buddhists, has been well received by Roman Catholic leaders around the world....Declaring that "all the world's major religions are basically the same," the Dalai Lama was given a standing ovation by the overflow crowd. Said Cardinal Cooke: ‘This is one of the dramatic movements of the Spirit in our time. We make each other welcome in our churches, [Buddhist] temples and synagogues.’

By "Spirit," the Cardinal meant the Holy Spirit, but ecumenism in fact involves an alien spirit. Jesus called the Holy Spirit not only the Comforter but "the Spirit of Truth, whom the world [i.e. non-Christians] cannot receive" (John:14:17). That "all the world's major religions are basically the same" is a lie aimed at the exclusive claims of Christ. The ecumenical movement is a denial of biblical truth and particularly of Christ's claim that He is the only Savior and that all must believe on Him or be lost forever.]