Sister Golden Hair |

TBC Staff

Sometime back we highlighted the case of Silvania Machado who was shown to be using plastic tinsel during her manifestations of “gold dust” at Toronto Airport Church. As you may recall, “Charisma” Magazine’s account told how Pastor Arnott had the “gold dust” analyzed and it was determined to contain no traces of gold, platinum, or silver. In composition it was hardly different than the tinsel hung on Christmas trees. Consider how an “apologist” tries to excuse this example of fraud:

“The article is quoted as saying the gold dust ‘to be more like plastic glitter,’ and ‘were deemed to be plastic film with no traces of gold, platinum or silver’. Here in these two quotes, we have the word ‘plastic’ used . . . . However we need to be mature enough to think past such conclusions and study this more closely. Just what is the substance that we call ‘plastic’? Like all substances, plastic composes of atoms that are the basic unit of the 92 chemical elements we find naturally occuring in the universe. Plastic mainly consist of atoms of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, chlorine, bromine, and several others - these atoms are arranged in the proportions and configurations that give plastics their familiar properties.

“Plastics are easy to make, easy to mold, easy to add colored dyes to, and are light - which explains the abundance of plastics and the ease in which ‘plastic imitations’ can be made of genuine articles.

“Now there are plenty of other substances that are made up of these same atoms, yet are in different proportions and configurations so that the substances are different. For example, the human body is also made up of the same atoms as most plastics, yet none of us would consider the human body to be ‘cheap’ and an ‘imitation’ of something genuine - in fact even secular medical science recognises the human body to be something of a miracle. The fact that no one has been able to produce a living cell (the smallest living component of the human body) just from it's raw materials speak for itself!! Of course we Christians know better!! The human body is a total sign of the glory and majesty of God who created us!! 

“What am I getting at here?? If the ‘plastic glitter’ from Machado's hair are made up of the same elements as the human body, then we have the real possibility that the ‘gold dust’ could actually be somehow produced by her body, somehow in her hair or from her scalp - this by processes which are yet unknown to science” 

(Makeham, “The Case of Silvania Machado, “