'Social Justice' now a Master's Degree for Teachers? | thebereancall.org

TBC Staff

Loyola University Maryland, a Catholic university, now has a Master's degree program with a focus on "curriculum and instruction for social justice."

Stacy Washington, a conservative activist with the National Advisory Council of Project 21, believes that the program is a waste of time and money.

"None of these social justice garbage concepts will be on the SAT or ACT that kids need to score well on to get into a good college,” Washington stressed. “And none of these things will help them be prepared for a secondary education beyond just basic knowledge."

Washington points out that, when compared with international students, students in the United States continue to fall behind.

"And I believe it's a direct connection to teacher's getting Master's degrees in subjects that have nothing to do with their core mandate of teaching kids how to read and write and think – and history and doing math."

Washington maintains that parents with children in public schools need to be fully aware of what they are being taught and ask their teachers the hard questions.

(Bob Kellogg, “'Social Justice' now a Master's degree for teachers?,” OneNewsNow Online, August 9, 2018).

[TBC: Social justice is "a concept of fair and just relationsbetween the individual and society.” For the world, this is measured by such things as distribution of wealth, opportunities for personal activity, and social privileges. As too often seen, however, inequities with one segment of humanity often results in inequities for others.

There is a further inanity with "Social Justice," particularly when it involves Christians. In the September 2008 newsletter article we noted, "The history of the social gospel is, in nearly every case, a sincere attempt by Christians to do those things that they believe will honor God and benefit humanity. In every case, however, the practical working out of "benefiting humanity" has compromised biblical faith and dishonored God. Why is that? God's Word gives no commission to the church to fix the problems of the world. Those who attempt to do so are starting out under a false premise, "...a way which seemeth right unto a man," not God's way. So where can it go from there? "The end thereof are the ways of death," i.e., destruction (Proverbs:14:12). Furthermore, the problems of the world are all symptoms. The root cause is sin.”]