Social Justice Specialist Should Concern Christians |

TBC Staff

To ensure as many students as possible embrace progressive politics, a Wisconsin university is seeking to hire someone to promote social justice.

Campus Reform reports the University of Wisconsin-Madison is seeking to hire a Social Justice Education Specialist to "promote a safe campus climate for minority students, LGBTQ students, women, and other historically marginalized groups."

Julaine Appling, president of the Wisconsin Family Council, says this is not a good idea.

"They're looking for ways to encourage people in behaviors, in lifestyles, in personal choices that are, in my opinion, not helpful to the individuals and certainly – again, in my opinion -- not appropriate on a college campus," Appling offers.

She is concerned for Christian students who are not well grounded in the core principles of their faith and those who lack the support of other Christians.

"If you don't get hooked up with a really solid Christian-based ministry designed to help students withstand the onslaught of the liberal, godless ideology and teachings, you're pretty much doomed," Appling laments.

So she advises conservative and Christian parents to think long and hard before sending their children to U-W Madison.

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