Sola Scriptura Downgraded |

TBC Staff

TBC: As the Emergent Church emerges, their goal becomes more clear. They seek to remove the Word of God from any influence in the life of believers. Emergent church author Will Samson has noted his opinion of the biblical doctrine of sola scriptura. Samson says:

"Sola scriptura also tends to downplay the role of God's Spirit in shaping the direction of the church. Of greatest importance to this discussion is the fact that often people subscribing to sola scriptura do not take into account the subjectivity of human interpreters" (Pagitt, Jones, "An Emergent Manifesto of Hope," Baker Books, 2007, p. 156).

[TBC: The Bible is hardly a subjective (man-focused) work. Rather, it is because the inspired writers (2 Peter:1:20-21) were objective (God-focused) that humanity tends to shy away from the brilliance of Scripture.]