Solving Our Problems |

TBC Staff

Current thought suggests people find solutions for their problems through understanding their emotions, improving relationships, obtaining counseling, making a new commitment, or getting to know God better. Human problems, people think, cannot be resolved through doctrine since “mere theory” is not “practical”.

Some even suggest that there really are no “answers” in the end, since the ultimate questions dissolve at last into mysteries. True Christian maturity, some say, is measured by our commitment in the face of final paradox rather than by any kind of knowledge. People who want “answers” are just immature, that’s all!

We are to solve all our problems, therefore, by first allowing the Bible to change our minds about the truth, then by learning what God’s answer is to our problem, as God defines and explains both problem and answer in His Word. The spiritual breakthrough comes when in humble dependence on God’s mercy we accept His account of the matter and obey what He tells us to do about it. The results of this obedience are predestined to be successful and to meet infallibly the need of the believer sooner or later. The Bible calls this process “making disciples”, and the primary method of disciple-making is by something called “teaching”, a noun synonymous with “doctrine.” Jesus set forth the priority of “teaching” in the Great Commission recorded in Matthew:28:19-20.

--R.K. McGregor Wright (1940-2012, Australian Baptist theologian and apologist).