Some Viruses Are Beneficial |

TBC Staff

Why is a new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) causing lots of disease (COVID-19 or C19) and death around the world? The answer: God created all things “very good” (Genesis:1:31). Death and disease entered the world only after the Fall, when our ancestor Adam sinned (Genesis:3:17–19, Romans:8:20–22). Therefore, God must have created viruses very good too!

Even today, most viruses are beneficial (see A healthy human body probably has about 10 times more viral cells than human cells! One epidemiologist said that if all viruses in the world disappeared, it would be nice for about 36 hours, then we would all die! But after the Fall, some viruses became harmful and even deadly—usually after escaping from the creature it was designed for. E.g. both the C19 and Ebola viruses had a useful role in bats.

—Jonathan Sarfati (Young earth creationist).