Southern Baptist Pastor Praises Book of Mormon, Says Central Theme is Jesus |

TBC Staff

[Since this Update was published, we have learned that Dr. Ridenhour's claim to be licensed as a Southern Baptist pastor have not been substantiated.]

The Mormon religion is not a Christian religion — I really don’t believe I have to explain to this audience why….But one Southern Baptist pastor says differently.

Dr. Lynn Ridenhour, a licensed Southern Baptist minister says the book of Mormon is rich with Protestant doctrines. Ridenhour, [also] a charismatic pastor who says “I embrace the Book of Mormon,” says that Protestants have been “duped by the canon” into believing that no other works are actually texts inspired by the Holy Spirit.

When my friends ask, “…do you believe in the Book of Mormon?” I respond, “I will answer that, but first I would like for you to answer my question, ‘Why do you believe in the canon of scripture? Would you give me your reasons?’”

"Most can’t. They’ve never thought it through.

"That’s really the issue, you know—not whether or not I believe in the Book of Mormon, but whether or not we as Christians are to embrace the concept of canonization. For that’s the perception here—that by embracing the Book of Mormon I’ve violated scripture’s canon. My friends are convinced I’ve added to the Word of God. I’m convinced we’ve been duped by the canon."

Of course, the Book of Mormon is a heretical work that has sparked another religion altogether that is not only unbiblical but outright opposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ. He goes on to argue that the “central theme” of the book of Mormon is the “restoration of the covenants” and the “Lordship of Jesus Christ.” Obviously, anyone who has studied Mormonism and the works of Joseph Smith understands that the Jesus presented by the book of Mormon and Mormonism is not the same Jesus of the Bible. The Mormon Jesus is a Jesus who was begotten when God the father came down and had sex with Mary — the Mormon Jesus was not born of a virgin.

Ridenhour says that he was “delighted” to see that the book of Mormon taught the doctrine of being “born again,” yet he fails, once again, to understand the difference between the Mormon version and the biblical version of the born-again experience. The Mormon “born-again” experience is a false gospel that, like every false religion, has added works to the requirements. According to Book of Mormon Central, a website dedicated to expounding the doctrines derived from the book of Mormon, being “born again” is, “a process of spiritual transformation that results from faith, repentance, the ordinance of baptism, the cleansing power of the Holy Ghost, a covenant to serve God, and then enduring obedience to God’s commandments throughout one’s life.”

Despite the heresy and the false gospel presented in the book of Mormon, Ridenhour continues to promote it as though it’s the inspired Word of God. And somehow, Ridenhour continues to hold a Southern Baptist minister license.

(Maples, “Southern Baptist Pastor Praises Book of Mormon, Says Central Theme is Jesus,” Reformation Charlotte Online, 9/29/19).