Sow what? |

TBC Staff

Sow the Word of God, and everyone who listens will get to God. If you sow vows, resolutions, aspirations, emotions, you will reap nothing but exhaustion, “...and ye shall sow your seed in vain, for your enemies shall eat it” (Leviticus:26:16); but sow the Word of God, and as sure as God is God, it will bring forth fruit. Human sympathy and human emotions and human hypnotism in preaching are the signs of a spiritual hireling and a thief. Sow emotions, and the human heart will not get beyond you. There are men and women at work for God who steal hearts from God, not intentionally, but because they do not preach the Word of God....See that you sow the real seed of the Word of God, and then leave it alone.

Oswald Chambers, “The Servant as His Lord,” The Complete Works of Oswald Chambers, Discovery House Publishers 2000, pp. 1281-82