Stairway to heaven |

TBC Staff

Why couldn’t even a Mother Teresa get to heaven by good works? Because we are all sinners; and because once we have broken one of God’s commandments we “[are] guilty of all” (Jas 2:10); and “by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in his sight” (Rom:3:20). Keeping the law perfectly from now on could never make up for having already broken it. For God to grant salvation by any other means than faith in Christ alone would be an insult to the One whom the Father insisted had to endure His wrath as the sacrifice for sin. Furthermore, God would be breaking His own code of justice and going back on His Word. No, even God himself could not save earth’s most notable “saint.” Christ’s blood avails only for repentant sinners.

Dave Hunt, The Berean Call, January 1998