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Indonesian President Issues Decree to Stop Evangelism in Aceh

Thursday, 28-July-2005, 13:56:46

Banda Aceh, Waspada -- The Indonesian president has released a decree (Kepres) that forbids evangelism in Aceh and asked [mission organizations] to stop their evangelism activities in Aceh.

"The evangelism has been a national issue. The problem have been discussed [on the] national level and the president has issue a decree to forbid evangelism in Aceh,' " [Muslim leader] Muslim Ibrahin told "Waspada Daily" on Wednesday.

Muslim said the government will cease [mission operations] in Aceh if they are involved in evangelism in Aceh and their workers visas will be ended and they have to leave Aceh.

Following the decree, [a Muslim group] has asked police and local government to run an investigation and find evidence on any reports on evangelism submitted by people in Aceh. ‘’The police have to become more pro-active in managing this issues," said Muslim.

Among them is World Vision. In the meeting, they promised not to run evangelism activities and will help report any evangelism cases.

Last week, hundreds of students from SyiahKualaUniversity marched and staged protest in front of Aceh Governor office in Banda Aceh. They asked the government to expel [missions] that provide humanitarian help to cover evangelism activities.

[TBC: The same religion which is spread by the sword can tolerate no threats to its domination.]