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TBC Staff

People see the growing failure of our public schools and the political correctness being taught to children and assume that this is a recent development. As the Book of Ecclesiastes instructs us, there is nothing new "under the sun" (Eccleasiastes 1:9). In a recent news commentary, the columnist points out that his personal experience with "indoctrination instead of education" dates back to 1963.

"[In 1958] Congress passed the National Defense Education Act, which provided for a massive infusion of guidance counselors and testing personnel into the public schools across the U.S. . . . On May 6, 1963, Prof. George Welsh of the Psychology Department of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill wrote to the Psychological Corporation in New York indicating that at the Governor's School 'we are planning to administer an extensive test battery.' 

"The writer of this article attended that school in 1963, and among the tests administered to us was the Psychological Corporation's Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory. It included 771 statements to which we were to respond "true" or "false." And among these statements were the following: (1) I believe in the worth of humanity, but not in God; (2) We cannot know for sure whether or not there is a God; (3) One of the most important things children should learn is when to disobey authority; (4) The findings of science may some day show that many of our most cherished beliefs are wrong; (5) Organized religion, while sincere and constructive in its aims, is really an obstacle to human progress" (Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D., August 28, 2004, NewsWithViews.com).