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McMahon, T.A.

Good Things Ahead

We have been in the process of making changes that we pray will make TBC more fruitful and productive. It’s to that end that we covet your prayers.

One project that we’re excited about is the changes that we are making to our website. This has been a huge undertaking, and we hope to have it up and running by late fall. The goal has been to greatly improve access to our resource materials that deal with the multitude of issues we’ve addressed in our books, articles, and videos.

Another “work in progress” is a series of video presentations in which we introduce our apologetics material that deals with topics such as Roman Catholicism, the New Apostolic Reformation, Calvinism, the Hebrew Roots Movement, Seventh-day Adventism, and much more.

And one more thing: please pray as we make improvements to our phone system and online store so that they truly facilitate our communication with those who take the time to call us, whether to order materials, or to ask questions, or simply to request prayer. By God’s grace, and through your prayers and patient understanding as we work through these details, things should improve greatly.

T. A. McMahon

Executive Director