Teachers Must Keep "Trangenderism" a Secret From Parents in Ontario | thebereancall.org

TBC Staff

Parental rights are under new attack—this time by school boards defending "transgenderism" and gender confusion in students of any age behind their parents’ back.

A number of Ontario [Canada] school boards have quietly implemented directives that a school not tell parents when a child asks to “transition” to another gender at school, even in kindergarten, [said] Jack Fonseca, senior political strategist for Campaign Life…

“So you can have a five-year-old boy or seven-year-old girl asking a teacher about switching genders, or that they want to be another gender, and the board says that teacher can’t tell the parents,” he said.

“What a tyrannical violation of parental rights! Worse still, it amounts to institutional child abuse on the part of schools.”

Children are “already subjected to gender identity theory in schools at too young an age, which can actually cause them to believe they might be transgender by producing sexual confusion that didn’t exist before,” he noted.

“These policies will leave young kids without the protection of their parents against gender theory ideologues,” added Fonseca.

“The harm to a child could be irreparable, including increased risk for depression and suicide.”

At least five Ontario public school boards have policies or procedures accommodating transgender students that explicitly direct the school not to tell parents a child has “transitioned” to another gender at school, without the child’s express permission.