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TBC Staff

The Revolve Tour and Ministering to Teen Girls [Excerpts]

The very successful Women of Faith Conferences spawned the Revolve Tour for teenage girls. This is funded by Thomas Nelson, that publishing house that produces the Revolve Teen girls Bible-zine. Bible-zines are supposedly a tool to get teens to read the Bible so they put Scriptures in a format that looks like "Cosmo" or "Teen" magazine. Scriptures are found on the same page with advice on boys, skin care and clothing tips, etc. Having a young daughter, I was intrigued to look at the Revolve Tour website and see what they are offering girls spiritually. I searched the website but couldn't find one mention of Jesus. I did see "beautiful" women all over, flawless skin, airbrushed celebrities and music stars writhing in tight clothes on the music videos. Our moral standards have gotten so low in the church that women in low rider jeans and tight t-shirts are considered wonderful role models for Christian girls. At one point, a teen in the video collage says, "I look at magazines and there are all of these skinny models..." What do you think the Revolve Tour is presenting as beauty? Skinny, heavily made up women who are the farthest thing from the norm. In the Revolve Teen Bible-zine I looked through there wasn't one average looking young girl. They were all physically beautiful, without a flaw evident in the photos. Many teen girls with weight trouble or skin trouble or who simply just don't look like that will view this and say, "Even the Bible(zine) is filled with images of physical perfection. I must really be a loser if I can't even find hope in the Bible!" (http://www.sliceoflaodicea.com/archives/2005/11/the_revolve_tou.php).