Telling the Truth About the Consequences of Behavior |

TBC Staff

[TBC: When the Center for Disease Control issued data on the transmission of sexually transmitted disease, it was yet further evidence that love and concern for others includes telling the truth about their behavior.]

The truth about homosexual sex [Excerpts]

The Centers for Disease Control recently released information from a data analysis regarding the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.Presented at the CDC's National STD Prevention Conference, the data indicated that the rate of new HIV cases among men who have sex with men (referred to in shorthand as MSM) is over 44 times that of other men.

In an effort to look at these figures from a purely scientific and public health perspective, let's substitute smoking and cancer for homosexual sex and HIV.If the CDC released information which made a direct correlation between smoking and extremely high rates of getting cancer, people would take notice.The media would write about it.Public health organizations would make sure the news was spread.Campaigns would be launched to save lives by discouraging smoking.Public funds would be spent to deter people from engaging in such dangerous behavior.Schools would teach children about the dangers of smoking.

Of course, as we all know, that scenario is real.Because of the now-known dangers of smoking, a warning from the Surgeon General appears on every pack of cigarettes.Public service ads saturated the airwaves over a period of years discouraging smoking.The dangers of smoking are a standard part of most health classes in schools.And it has all worked.Thirty years ago there was nothing unusual about seeing a person smoking in a restaurant, or in an office, or in a public place.Now it's jarring to see someone lurking outside an office building, lighting up and puffing away.

There is no hiding from the CDC's numbers when it comes to the health dangers of homosexual sex.But political correctness and fear of being accused of bias seem to have stopped everyone from stating the simple truth: that it carries serious health risks.